~ It was a great pleasure and surprise to find ones profile in DeviantArt ~

Burning-Lotus… is very creative and impresses a many watchers there ~

~ Burning-Lotus about herself:

'I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me…'

This is a playground for me and an opportunity to explore my shadows as well as my sexual and erotic energy. I am an amateur photographer and model - in other words, if you don’t like either the picture or the model, the buck stops here. I have been taking pictures for almost two years - I use a point n shoot camera, a tripod and a timer. Primitive but I think that is part of the fun and the challenge for me. I have so many pictures in my head! I am learning about so many things and it is rich. Another experiment in living passionately.

~ just a few comments from fans:

Well I have to tell you, you have an amazing talent. For just using a point and shoot camera, your images are wonderful !!! and it always helps to have an amazingly beautiful model too… Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photography !!


A very unique and interesting collection of beautiful images. Nicely done


your images always make me smile. don’t stop posting


If You want to value Burning-Lotus creativity, visit her profile in DA:  http://burning-lotus.deviantart.com